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Adam Gotsis

Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
He still needs to draft an entire OL and TE to protect Cutler, they will likely lose Henry Melton now as he was a guy Lovie was patient with and developed over the last couple years. duh bears D is ancient and they will likely lose Urlacker which means they need to draft 2 starting LB's, couple DT's and another DE to play across from Peppers who has lost a step.

Then there is the hand tieing that the mCcaskets do because they don't spend money.

If I were a 1st time HC I would find an owner who is willing to spend and an is willing to work through the growing pains. I don't think Chicago is a good place for him to go.
It depends on what he thinks of Cutler. If he thinks he can win a SB with him, then he should take the job. If not, then he shouldn't take it because he would be stuck with him, and we all know if the team fails, it surely won't be Cutler's fault.
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