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Originally Posted by rideco View Post
That would be awesome but facing the 9ers would def. bring up bad memories of 89 and truthfully scare me a little. I remember watching the pre game of that super bowl with out a interest in either team. Then they showed some crazies from Denver drinking a glass of live gold fish and I decided I wanted the Broncos to win. It was the moment I became a Broncos fan way before I moved to CO.
It's time to exorcise the pigskins demons of Super Bowls past.

This year will be us spanking the 9ers. Next year will be Mike and RG3 going down in our repeat. (Mike will learn what Reeves went through) The circle of life man.

The following year will be 'The Manning Bowl' with PFM retiring in style with a three-peat!!!!!!!!!!!!

... Then after a year of learning on the job, a tall lanky QB returns a still well oiled machine and gives the Broncos Super Bowl 12 retribution! Romo retires from the game sobbing like a biatch!

Broncos win 4 Super Bowls in 5 years!

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