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Originally Posted by FearLanier View Post
Sorry I'm not very good with twitter.

Danny Clinkscale ‏
Clark comes VERY close to saying Pioli is out, at least that's my read on it

frank boal ‏
Happy New Year Chiefs fans, listening to Clark Hunt on 810WHB, it sounds like Scott Pioli is gone too!! Its just not official.

The Program ‏
Hunt says the priority is hiring the head coach and that's why he's doing that before evaluating Pioli.

Dave Skretta ‏
#Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt says he'd like to have resolution on GM situation by start of February, before scouting combine

So Clark's first priority is getting a good coach. Then he's going to get a GM to work with that coach. Pioli is as good as gone IMO.
They might be looking through Pioli's contract and figuring out the best thing to fire him for...

I would think a GM would be the 1st priority and then let him hire a HC he can work with. Every time an owner pairs a GM with an HC he didn't pick it ends badly for one of them. Look at duh bears.

Bowlen handled this right by bringing in Elway as the GM 1st. The fact that Clark doesn't see the turn around by a worst to 1st team in his own division says alot about his decision making.
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