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Originally Posted by Paladin View Post
SF uses a QB that can run. That could be a real pain in the arse for the Broncos.....
Am I the only one that is not scared of a QB with 10 career starts? Not gonna beat our D...not gonna happen.

Guys there are only 2 ways we will lose a game, and believe me I am very aware they could happen. They just aren't likely. In my opinion they are

If we have a game where we are at least minus 2, maybe minus 3 in turnovers.

If we play a team that can put up points like we can and the game gets down to the last quarter 28-27, 27-24, something like that and whoever has the ball last has a chance to win.

We aren't going to lose a game 20-17 because the other team shut us down on offense from start to finish. It might be because we had several turnovers, but it won't be because our offense just couldn't do anything.
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