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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
Sadly, the Bears is a really good situation for Mccoy, he gets some good offensive talent in Marshall and Forte, he gets a good defense as well. I think it would be a solid position for him to take.
He still needs to draft an entire OL and TE to protect Cutler, they will likely lose Henry Melton now as he was a guy Lovie was patient with and developed over the last couple years. duh bears D is ancient and they will likely lose Urlacker which means they need to draft 2 starting LB's, couple DT's and another DE to play across from Peppers who has lost a step.

Then there is the hand tieing that the mCcaskets do because they don't spend money.

If I were a 1st time HC I would find an owner who is willing to spend and an is willing to work through the growing pains. I don't think Chicago is a good place for him to go.
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