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Trevor Penrose

Originally Posted by FearLanier View Post
Albert is a top 10 LT. He's given up only 5 sacks in the last 2 seasons. He's well above average. And the Chiefs drafted the most decorated OL in Florida State history in Rodney Hudson to play Center, so it's not a big need like you claim it is. We need to see what he has.

And we only need 1 CB. Flowers had another good season this year.

And who is going to trade up? And for what player? Luke Joekel is the only player I can think of for trade bait, but not even he's a certainty.
I meant CB wise that kFc needs a 2nd CB and a Nickel. Flowers is OK.

You guys think if you draft a QB the new HC will plug him in and go, fact is that unless the new regime is as patient as Elway and Fox were in year one using the 1st year to evaluate what they had on the roster, it is more likely there will be a mass purge as the new regime brings in their guys starting year one.
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