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Originally Posted by Mile High Mojoe View Post
Naaw, having the #1 seed is always better. We earned it and I like our chances against Brady no matter what. That said, I love what Deion Sanders said tonight. If you don't win the Super Bowl nothing else matters and the season is a failure. I've been saying this since Elway retired.

For all the great regular season records and stats if you don't advance to the SB and win it, it has to be considered a failure. 2nd place sucks we've been there. The Broncos have been the Bridesmaid 3 times, 3 times. The Broncos have the greatest chance since 2006 to win it all. Except this time they have Manning instead of Plummer.

Personally if they don't win it all it'll be the biggest playoff failure since the Broncos lost to the Jaguars in 1996.

It's there for the taking they MUST win it THIS year.
4 times MHM... that would be 4 times as the Bridesmaid. And for those of us that watched the Orange Crush way back when, it was not a total failure.
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