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i mentioned both 86 and 87. We didnt sneak up on anyone in 87 but 86 was a nice surprise of how far we went and how good we played in the regular season. We pump up our own but if you look at some of the stats, Elway did a lot with above average guys. I loved em but if I look back as a non Broncos fan, I would say it was not a scary group of receivers. Look at our running backs. Winder and Sewell. Add Wilhite and you might get 1100 yards. Winder had less than 750 yards in those 2 seasons. Kay was at least a standout as a TE with almost 40 catches. Hail Elway. No way those are failures of seasons.

Losing that bad like they were preseason college games? Yes, that was a complete failure but only for the game not the season.
Yeah, those were some great years, The WRs fit the offense but they weren't scarey. Although I would absolutely love seeing Vance running the slot on this team. In his prime of course!!!
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