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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Woodyard got an extension, and we will have DT and Decker still on their rookie deals. They are eligible to be extended now per the CBA. And if that's something that the front office addresses this offseason that's fine. But Woodyard was just extended he wont be extended again after the year.

I know your thinking in terms of a FO evaluator and in their mindset you wouldn't think DT is a priority position. But I think the heavy rotation is because the talent level and age of the DTs isn't exposed as much in a rotation. We really really need someone who can push the pocket and generate interior pressure even if they are two gapping.

Woodyard only has a year left. If we want to keep him, we'll be extending him this coming year, same with Decker. Though Thomas is ours through 2014 unless that final year voided somehow.

Your opinion on the DT situation is definitely valid, and I hope you're right. I just won't believe it until I see it. There's just too much to suggest otherwise.
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