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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
What are the options when you have tebow as your QB? Throw an incomplete pass into the sidelines/grass,throw an int or run where you have your best chance to gain some yards. That's the problem with tebow,he can't throw the ball,so your offense is forced into being one dimensional.
Maybe run the kind of game plan that worked so well against the Steelers and Vikings.

15-20 passes in the first three quarters with 5+ of them being deep shots down field. Play the 4th quarter by ear. You let Tebow do that and he wins you big games, just like he did for us. He's got one of the better deep balls in the league and we failed to make use of it with any consistency last season.

Originally Posted by CEH View Post
Tebow didn't have the chops to audible nor the chops to throw the ball
It was basically whatever call was made from the sideline had to be the play
while the defense had the ability to adjust

The NFL knows what when down in Denver contrary to what the zealots in Tebowland believe
How is this different from every other rookie/young first time starter ever, including Peyton Manning and all the successful rookie starters in the league this year?

I can't recall the last time I've seen a rookie given significant audible responsibilities. Tebow being given the power to run option plays and on the fly switch to a QB run is as much or more leverage than most rookie QBs ever get.

McCoy leaving isn't a big deal to me at all. The big turning point for this season to me was when they let Manning just take over the offense and dropped pretty much all of McCoy's plays from last year and Carolina, running basically nothing but the former Colts offense under Manning. If McCoy leaves we either promote Gase, bring in Tom Moore, or do both and call Tom Moore a "special assistant".
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