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Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
So once we go over the cliff I heard Obama is planning to resume his $4,000,000 vacation in Hawaii. I think the entire congress and especially the president should not be paid nor be able to vacation on our dime until this is figured out. Unbelievable disrespect to the tax payers of this country.
The Democrats proposal offers most everything permanent that the Republicans want, with the Democratic wants being temporary measures (unemployment benefits, etc.) that will expire after one year. Very few concessions are being made by the Right. They simply want to take their balls and leave, which is what a majority of them did over the weekend, flocking back to their homes instead of actually getting serious about making a deal. The offer the Democrats are making now is more generous than what will happen if a deal isn't accomplished. Mind-boggling that the Right hasn't figured that out.
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