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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
This is what I have been suggesting. Upgrading talent! And several posters have questioned that! If you look at the first page, of all the DTs on our roster, I would make sure Vicketson is back, and we both agree he has been our best DT. Unrein/ Silga should be replaced in the draft with at least one prospect if not 2 and one in free agency, whether that's Bannan back or upgraded with a Knighton/Dorsey which is what I would prefer. So you rotate a Knighton and Vickerson with the two rookies. Lots of talent and youth inside!
Yeah, this is a rare offseason for Denver where we don't have multiple needs across the board like every year.

Since we have a two/three year window I don't want to rely on untested/inferior talent like Siliga/Unrein/Jackon. I would rather address DL through free agency and draft and then go BPA for the rest of the draft to setup this team for the long haul (even if it means we go QB first day again)and lock up our own like Leonhard, Vickerson, Koppen etc.
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