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Danny Trevathan

Originally Posted by Mile High Mojoe View Post
Thanks for giving me some back up. This is my point, we have a the 5th ranked D, one of the greatest QB's to ever play the game starting at QB, the Patriots are down, the Ravens are down, IMO we should be able to beat any of the teams currently in the NFC playoffs, we have home field throughout. To call the team successful if they blow this chance just doesn't fit, it WILL be a failure.

I'm hoping that doesn't happen the team is good enough to win the whole thing and we shouldn't expect anything less. If they don't win it with this team and the advantages they have THIS year no one will call the season a success. Winning the SB has to be the goal, an early playoff exit or 2nd place in the SB is not.
If you had been staking this claim since last offseason, then I'd get you, but this team has become far better, much faster, than most thought possible. 13-3 is, in itself, a successful season. Our hopes and expectations are high right now, and not winning the super bowl will bring some disappointment, but it will not equal a failure of a season. Deion Sanders says a lot of things, but they aren't necessarily right.

From a players perspective, especially one who has won a Super Bowl, it's easy to label anything less than a Lombardi Trophy a failure, but in reality, the spectum of success in the NFL is broader than a binary success/failure. The game is far more complex from a GM and coaching perspective.

For fans, apparently it varies. I think this season has been incredibly successful, and will consider each additional win as additional success. For you, it seems to depend only on whether they win the Super Bowl. If that's the case, I presume you stopped watching the games once you decided this team was good enough to win it all? I presume you will not watch the playoffs games until the Super Bowl?

I didn't think so.
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