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Originally Posted by kappys View Post
The difference between Bowlen and many of the horrible horrible owners(Chuggers, Chiefs, Raiders among others) is that he recognized his mistake and got rid of McDaniels in a timely fashion instead of giving him more time to drive the team further into the ground.
Agreed. So many times you see people in positions of authority conducting themselves with a dogmatic devotion to a "way" of doing things to the point they don't recognize their mistakes, and thus don't fix them, don't learn from them and they repeat them. Bowlen is not married to his decisions and will always change course when a change needs to be made.

Everyone has the McDaniels fiasco still fresh in mind but I'd also point out how things went with Shanahan. He was at one point regarded by Bowlen as "coach for life". Then came a point where Bowlen realized he couldn't do that and he decided to make a change. It was a bold, gutsy move whether you agreed with it or not. But had it not been for Bowlen's willingness to change course when things are headed in the wrong direction, it's unlikely the team would be where it is now, with the right mix of people headed in the right direction with the ultimate goal within reach.
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