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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
He was considered a 1st round talent if not for the height issues. The fact that Elway took beanpole boy instead of Russell should definitely count against him when assessing the job he's done as a GM this year.
Wilson couldn't run the offense Elway and Fox want though. They want traditional pocket passer hitting playmakers all over the field, Wilson relies on an elite running game and his own wheels too much for this offense.

How crazy is it that John Elway's ideal offense for today's NFL is damn near the polar opposite of what he thrived in as a player? Its an interesting insight into how one of the game's best views the current NFL. A young Elway would be the prototype for a spread option offense but while much of the league is buying it hard Elway is looking to go the opposite direction and stick with pocket passers.
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