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Well lets just agree to disagree. Ayers lined up a lot inside Dumervil and also played DE some on first downs against the run.

And it's not about changing the scheme. It's about getting the best players for the most important part of the defense. Even with Mike Adams and no real Mike we're still a top 5 defense against the run and pass. Why? It's simply because of our DL plus Von. And with Bannan aging and inferior players like Unrein, Siliga, Jackson we are going to upgrade that unit.

I'm not advocating changing the scheme to achieve that, just getting better players to improve the scheme. For example, why settle for Unrein or Siliga when you can have a shot at a superior two gapper in Glen Dorsey who's a long term answer or a superior prospect through the draft? You think a better two gapping DT will only play 20 or so snaps a game?
This is what I have been suggesting. Upgrading talent! And several posters have questioned that! If you look at the first page, of all the DTs on our roster, I would make sure Vicketson is back, and we both agree he has been our best DT. Unrein/ Silga should be replaced in the draft with at least one prospect if not 2 and one in free agency, whether that's Bannan back or upgraded with a Knighton/Dorsey which is what I would prefer. So you rotate a Knighton and Vickerson with the two rookies. Lots of talent and youth inside!
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