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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
The 29th ranked pass defense in the league versus Manning and Co. looks like a much worse matchup than the 3rd ranked pass defense versus Brady and Co. Much, much worse. Oh and they won't be able to use their hurry-up offense.
our pass defense in general is obviously good, but we're very bad vs. the tight end (I originally said the worst. Football outsiders have us 23rd in DVOA against TE, and we've given up the third most yards. Pretty bad). I don't think any of that Hernandez-in-the-backfield junk could do anything to us this year, but I also don't think we can realistically expect to shutdown their TEs AND their backs. If Harris can hold up on Welker (this would be a great matchup to watch) and Lloyd doesn't beat Champ deep, we could be all right even if one of those two areas have a nice day, but another disaster like 250 rushing yards against? Or Hernandez for a buck fifty and two TDs? we'd lose that game. as far as our receivers, football outsiders says NE is actually pretty good in pass defense against WR. I buy it. Their secondary isn't as bad as it looked early in the season. Talib has certainly helped.

I'm also worried about turnover differential. those stats usually come to bear in the playoffs, and the Pats are number one in the NFL.

basically no one can convince me that this isn't a tough game. I'm going to worry about it from today until the game is over. and if we don't make it there to begin with I'm going to break every window in my house.

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