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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
That is awesome, they should followup with it. Maybe a HOF signature or a gold star by the name.... WTF have it if no one ever remembers?
! Dude we have it but only shows up on those that were selected. We also get notices when guys that are HOF show up unannounced. You ever notice when someone that is an old timer comes and posts and then is swarmed? We get text messages. Old Dude gets a pager message but that is because he doesn't use newer technology. I have probably said too much but Mock once told some of the premium level goodies we get and got repriminded for it. So I am probably not saying anything that many don't know. If I am wrong, I am sure I will receive a warning or banning from any of the HOF MODS or posters.

BTW, Apa, that is a funny signature you put on today. Too bad most don't see it.
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