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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
You werent around back then. THere were threads, signatures, meetings at tailgate parties, chicks (why Chris Kenney never got the HOF nod), etc. I looked for the threads but mysteriously deleted by TJ. I can't say who is part of this HOF pack but a few have been in this thread already. IIf you know the Mosaic cult , this one more deeper in secrecy.

To those in the know, Be far to the knee. Bazi is the word. Bazi up and Foneco this now.
They might have shifted to archives as opposed to deleted. That or lost in one of the server crashes. Remember those days. Anytime something remotely newsworthy happened the server would crash. Glad Taco was able to upgrade us!

EDIT: here are some of the discussions

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