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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Mile High Mojoe View Post
No shock to see you haven't changed a bit. You still have plenty of hate and discontent to spread on this great day but I won't indulge you. I'm happy for the Broncos, they're my team just as much as yours but taking second this year won't do. The table is set, the road to the Super Bowl goes through Denver and I think after they take care of the Pats, Manning brings home the 3rd ring.
2nd might suck but this is after all has been said and done. You really going to try and tell me teams like Seattle, Washington and Cinci have failure seasons if they don't win it all? Your logic is still flawed.

BTW, I think we have enough to win it all. Didn't think that before the season. Our comeback has come very quick. I think better things are in our future. I would love to see 96-98 all over again (but with 3 SB wins).
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