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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
^ MHM,
you are rarely correct and this one is no exception. It would be a failure as we have the #1 seed. Failure if we lose in the superbowl? I am not sure about that. THere are teams building from rock bottom and to say 31 teams are failures is a complete joke. Seattle not winning this season the Lombardi trophy is not considered a failure. I believe Bengals wouldnt be considered a failure either. They finally have 2 playoff seasons in 30 years. Do you know what is a failure? Your thoughts on Luck before finally admitting you were wrong and your try at getting people to read your blogs.
No shock to see you haven't changed a bit. You still have plenty of hate and discontent to spread on this great day but I won't indulge you. I'm happy for the Broncos, they're my team just as much as yours but taking second this year won't do. The table is set, the road to the Super Bowl goes through Denver and I think after they take care of the Pats, Manning brings home the 3rd ring.
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