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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
I must say that a poster like Wolf was laughed at when he kept telling everyone how Shanny needed to be canned. He stuck to it when 99% disagreed with him. He nailed it just like Elway. Of course many were on the Elway bandwagon but I must say, Wolf seems to be more right then wrong regardless of the public opinion. Elway knows how to play football on both sides of the ball. Ozzie Newsome isn't the only one that can say that. Uniform or coat and tie, Elway has taken that Stanford smarts and turned it to our benefit.
You are correct. I used to bash him for his Shanny venom. While I still wouldn't go as far as what his opinion was, I think he had a slew of valid reasons why he didn't like Shanny. He is definitely pretty good with his takes though.
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