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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by wolf754life View Post
This is and always will be a proud franchise.

Elway is one of the knights of the round table, he walks among the hallowed halls of dove valley and mile high.........he knows the ghosts of all the greats because he is one of them, he has felt our passion, he knows how much we love our Broncos........he knows what matters in this cowtown. The Ring of Fame beckons at our past greatness, Atwater, Floyd Little, Dennis Smith, Karl Mecklenburg, Randy Gradishar, and so many more, the blood and guts that it takes to get back on top............

The 2010 season will be talked about in great morose for many generations. The raiders 59-14 at home no less, first 12 loss season ever? This franchise lost itself, lost its pride and identity...

Its coming back..........and it starts with #7, we need him now just like we needed him when we were trailing in the 4th in late december. He isn't going to make the draft picks, he isn't going to scout the players. He will find the right people to do that. What he is going to do is remind each and every person who comes into the organization about what exactly it means to be a DENVER BRONCO. There will be standards and accountability....

When #7 comes back home, and helps this tired horse get up again and start its run back to glory, then we can all come together again as one. Bronco Country has been divided, but soon it will all start to Heal, brick by brick, one day, one move at a time................

Sometime soon it will hit us, maybe the 4th quarter of a divisional game, when our team is playing smart, tough, passionate ball, the stadium rocking as 77,000 wrap their arms around our opponents necks and watch their will fade as they realize the DENVER BRONCOS are back...........

Stand together BRONCO Nation, good things are coming...The future is bright in the Rockies..........
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