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Originally Posted by baja View Post
Because if Houston loses and we win and NE wins than not only do we get the #1 seed but NE will have the #2 seed. I rather take the #2 seed and make NE play in the wild card game. If we have to go to Houston so be it. Manning is like 12 & 2 there.
You guys can give Baja all the **** you want but the truth is his logic was and still is sound. If we would would have had to go to Houston and that's a big if, we would have trashed them. They are playing like trash and would have most likely lost before that ended up happening anyway... All the while Denver would have still gotten the bye while NE would have had to play an extra game having less time to prepare and heal and for all accounts we still would have had HF advantage because the Texans are a joke.
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