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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by CBF1 View Post
Sitting back with my popcorn and soft drink... This is going to be good. Now if only TGN would chime in
i guess you dont know that TGN sells his extras on the website too. You know, that Broncos website that allows season ticket holders to sell their season tickets to other buyers. I doubt your charm is getting you any discounts for their season tickets. Your loud mouth might put them in trouble with fan police. Dimitri, you are really, really loud. I am sure you already knew that.
I dont apologize for selling my tickets. I am in California, bills up the ying yang and can't go to many games at all lately. If I can pay a bill or two from selling a game or helping me pay for the next playoff game so I can go to it, I will sell for the going rate everytime. I don't ask for freebies in return. I do give a cheaper price then what the 3rd party websites charge. I have been through this with some of you schmuks. You don't phase me and let everyone know how much better it is for them to pay 15% to 25% more on a website then from a guy like me who has them direct. Same tickets at a higher price is better? Yeah, every fan wants that!

EDIT: Sold the tickets for $450 a piece on the website. Gee, $385 to someone here or someone that paid $450 plus $45 in fees. Which one would have been the better deal? CBF1, figure it out if you can.

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