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No but I have a lot better evidence than you.

Turner thrives on a ZBS, McDaniels moved to power blocking. McDaniels proved to be a total personal disaster with other assistant coaches we had (e.g. MIKE NOLAN). Pretty much every holdover coach we had from the Shanahan era ran for the hills (Washington, Houston) when the opportunity arose. If you think that promoting Bobby Turner was the only thing that got him to the Redskins, you are kidding yourself.
True, I think Bobby Turner would be more comfortable as a fit in the ZBS but I think McDaniels knew his talents hence why he wanted to keep him.

Do the research...Mike Nolan is a head case in his self. He's never found a constant home yet he's able to produce a competitive defense.

I don't know the exact coaches that left, but there are two completely different systems and ways of coaching a football team from McDaniels to Shanahan. Shanahan coaches a soft football team.

So, they probably left to go to teams that fit their comfort zone better. The system and culture that is currently in place in Denver could never be attained by a coach like Shanahan.
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