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Originally Posted by errand View Post
Well actually I've been concentrating on you, mainly because you're trying to enjoy the ride after you called them classless...and you said "**** the Broncos"...

now that the Broncos have ****ed you, you want everyone to just forget about it and let you enjoy this season.....well "**** Baja"

you casted aspersions upon the franchise because you were butthurt.....Yes, TJ called Bowlen a gutless drunk because he fired Shanahan...and he still catches hell for it. Hell for several years I pointed out how he claimed the he knew "when given protection, Brian Griese is the NFL's most efficient QB-bar none!" Blueflame still gets ribbed for saying the Jake Plummer signing was a "mistake of colossal proportions", and even yours truly catches hell for thinking Orton could actually play well and win games for the Broncos.....

but none of the above called the team classless or said they were done with the team, or say "**** the Broncos" like you did. Sorry, but you're gonna have to just put up with eating your words and being held accountable for your words and actions.
I gotta quote this. It's just too precious. You're actually serious aren't you.

I hope you are not an example of the new American man because if you are America is in deep trouble.
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