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Chris Harris
Default Giving props to HAT - he called it

Well dude, you were right. I was wrong. Many of us were wrong. You had the ultimate vision of the closing of the regular season. You had faith for the #1 seed 4 weeks ago when the Texans played the Pats. We were all saying virtually no way we could end up with the #1 seed and that you should be pulling for the Texans so we could get the #2 seed. You held your view and again, big props to you. Good call.

So in honor of your ultimate faith and vision, here's a big Bronco Hat just for you. If others want to join in with the props, go ahead and post a different Bronco hat, but only 1. I say that because I know somebody will just post all the hats and take the fun out of it, lol. I'll get it started off.

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