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Originally Posted by BroncoFox View Post

You people are saying it's better to play an AWAY GAME just so that a team that ISN'T Denver has to play one more game. Look.. if NE is just that super scary awesome, it really doesn't matter where we play, does it. If it is to the point that you WANT Denver to NOT play at home, just so they have to play another game.

I'd much, MUCH rather have NE in Denver, with a rabid fan base, THIN AIR, and our team, which is by far, the BEST fourth quarter team in the league. If it comes down to it, I'd rather be facing them in Denver.

I am still blown away that some of you would rather have to play TWO good teams, and one AWAY, just so that NE has to play one more game! omg...

I am thrilled we get both games at home. I think some of you have given up on home field advantage. On Mile High magic. One our thin our. On the hype and thrill of having two home games.
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