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Originally Posted by baja View Post
Even though NE scored a bye because of the loss by Houston I am very happy with the #1 seed over all. It would have been nice to catch NE after a tough game with Cinnci but not to be, hard to be disappointed with the #1 seed.

Keep it up errand you are really impressing everyone with your super fandom. Has Peyton called you yet to thank you for you superbness?
No, but he did call to say he thinks you're a douche too.....

Oh, just like the team was classless and **** the Broncos when they were signing Manning and trading Tebow, now you're all Broncos Rule!

Now you're happy we have the number one seed despite spending numerous posts in here trying to convince us why having the number one seed was a bad idea....

ever occur to you if you don't like anyone calling you out, then you shouldn't say some of the stupidest things known to man?

And I don't think I'm better than all other fans...but I'm damn sure a better fan than you are, clown.....

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