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Originally Posted by errand View Post
I see you're still trying to make hay out of the my support for Orton>Tebow is worse than your Tebow>Manning argument....but carry on clown. see the difference is that

I've not pined for Orton like you have for Tebow......

I did not wax eloquent the tears in my children's eyes after Orton was benched, then waived like you did over Tebow.....

I did not blast the organization for getting rid of Orton like you did for Tebow....

And unlike you when the question was posed who did I want as our starting QB for 2012....well, let's just take a stroll down memory lane -

Who do you want to be our quarterback in 2012.

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127 72.57%

Tim Tebow
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48 27.43%

i changed my vote lmfao
boy was i wrong i mean right thank god for elway manning
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