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Originally Posted by Dr. Broncenstein View Post
If you ever publicised any doubts about this team, appologize to errand and beg him not to remove your ability to feel Bronco related joy.
It's not that they expressed doubt...they made disparaging remarks about Manning, Elway, and Fox, Bowlen, McCoy, Decker, Thomas, Moreno, Moore etc.....

It's one thing to say that NE might pose a problem for us as they're also a pretty good team or say that "hopefully Manning is healthy enough to play a full season"'s another to post bull**** like "I don't want the #1 seed..." out of fear. It's another to post that this team is classless and "F the Broncos" or continue to try and fit the square Tebow into the round Broncos hole or post **** about how Manning was a washed up broke down player.

Now that they have been been corn holed by Manning, his team mates, the coaches and the FO they get a pass? **** that.....

Said it once, I'll say it again...some fans are better than other fans.
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