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Hmm. . . we took Wolfe as a DT who could penetrate and on obvious passing downs shift Ayers inside for pass rush who'll be in his final year so I don't agree.

Jackson has hardly played this season (if you don't count garbage time) and is still nothing more than a project who needs to put in a lot of offseason strength and conditioning work so it makes no sense to go into next season relying on him and not looking for an upgrade from guys like Jackson, Siliga, and Unrein. Two out of those have hardly played.

We can definitely do better there.

I think we have options here anyway because we could always look to shift Wolfe inside and have someone like Ayers start so the draft will at DL will really depend on what happens in free agency.
I understand the recovery issue with Carter, and I am more than fine with drafting a SS, but not Elam and some of the other prospects I have seen named. We will have Adams for one more year, that will allow Carter to slowly be brought back and then I have advocated a later SS. I want a Cam Chancelor mold SS. The TEs in the NFL are getting bigger and faster. I want a big physical hybrid SS. Enter Cooper Taylor, Kenny Tate, and Ray Ray Armstrong. All big 6'4" 6'5" 230 pound SS, that are big and physical, good in coverage, and can be drafted LATE! Watch some of Cooper Taylor (Richmond) kid is a monster.
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