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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Pezman View Post
Awesome, looking forward to getting ripped off by Broncocalijohn once again Broncos fans. Class act
Not sure how I can rip you off. First, the tickets would have to be fake. 2nd, if you think they are, you would have to be dumb enough to actually purchase them from me. Lastly, I would have to be dumb enough to try to rip off someone and face jail time or a huge court fine. Yeah, that sounds like a winning formula for me.
How about you stop ripping us off and start giving us those great photos you take? Why should we even get a discount of your items? How about you just give it to us for $1 a picture. We want some of the better picture too.

Reason why I rarely offer tickets on here with jealous aholes like Pez. I will just keep popping them on Broncos website and put them on for the highest price. Rather discount them a little and get them to a Maner but like I said, you would rather berate me and have others get them on a website at a higher price. Which sounds better dip****?

BTW Pez, you never got a Chargers season ticket Plaza Level from me at $10 over face value that included food and beer? YEah, that is what I thought. I gave way more than anyone outside of Leo and Meck with tailgating/tickets.

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