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Originally Posted by steeledude View Post
Champ Bailey. I was just kind of thinking about when he resigned (two?) years ago. He could have signed with any team he wanted, he could have picked and chosen what seemed to be the quickest route to the Super Bowl and left us behind, and frankly given the way he was treated by McDaniels on the contract negotiations--no one would have blamed him for leaving. All he needs to complete his amazing career is a Super Bowl ring, and for him to sign back with the Broncos after being treated like absolute horse **** by McD, after seeing what kind of major mess our team was in (that was the year we picked 2nd in the draft), just shows he is amongst the most loyal of players today.

I doubt Champ foresaw a day like day coming to Denver. No way he figured on Manning. Of all the Broncos I am happy for, I am most happy for him. This run for the Super Bowl should be in his honor for the complete loyalty he has shown to this team even when some of the team's leaders threw it back in his face.
I commend you for remembering this and starting the thread. Not many players in Champs position would have made that decision (no SB and a team in disarray and UFA). It would be interesting to have Champ comment on why he did it and what made the difference.
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