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On running downs Bannan/Vickerson/Wolfe two gap and have to:
1. Occupy two blockers
2. Clog the gaps versus the run.

This allows Von/Doom to largely remain single blocked as Doom lines up in a wide alignment (most of the times).

All three of those guys largely do a good job of it, when they don't we end up giving ground in the run game (NE, Houston games) and our pass rush is negated. They'll primarily go for the run but react if it's play action or a pass situation.

On 2nd and long, 3rd downs we started to really substitute in Ayers and other pass rushers and kepping Bannan/Vickerson off the field.
Yeah, it's a read and react two gap. I have admitted I was wrong, but the two gapping is not evident except for the suttle read by those three. Ironically Seattle will two gap the strong side of the line only.

I think we need to draft DTs who can two gap and still generate pressure. Vickerson is the only DT who can do both. Bannan and Unrein cannot.
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