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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by errand View Post
Every thread about Tebow is a rehashing of the debate.....and until he succeeds in the NFL as a QB, or is no longer on an NFL team, this debate will continue to rage.

Mainly because we still have people on here that think we never should have drafted him, and others who think that we never should have let him go...keep in mind I'm of neither camp.

I had no problem with the Broncos drafting him but also had no problem with them getting rid of him. As for the energy I have....not sure what that means since you post just as much as anyone else does about the guy.
We'll continue to have this debate as long as there are posters on this forum advancing wild tinfoil hat conspiracies about coaches (whose jobs depend on winning) intentionally tanking games rather than "giving Tebow a chance"... when the fact is that Tebow's skill set (the skills he lacks) is what has handicapped him at the NFL level. Not coaches or front offices.
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