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Could Freeney be a pass rushing specialist from the left end position? Lets say Denver drafts Short or whatever DT is available in the first round. Keeping Wolfe at DE during run downs and then kicking him inside could Freeney come in and play end on rush downs?
I could see something like that happening..But not at the price tag that he is accustom too! He's making 19 million this year. But that's what Miller does on passing downs. Freeney is not good coming off the edge if he's not playing with a hand in the ground..

My thinking is we have plenty of pass rushers and depth in our scheme everywhere except DT and SLB. If Von got hurt god forbid, we don't have anyone who can rush from OLB and we would have to revert to being a more traditional 4-3.. Using a lineup of Doom, Wolfe, NT, and Ayers/Hunter. But what would the LBs look like? Woodyard, MLB, and Irving? It's something to consider..
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