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Malik Jackson

This is an awful lot of biased opinion that fails to look at the depth of the work these GM's actually did in all phases of the game.

All 3 Guys at the top are rightfully there, Schneider, Elway, and Grigson. All of them did superior work this season, and most of all they made a ton of actual roster moves that were extremely impactful on the team THIS SEASON. INDY and SEA especially are extremely young and have had a talent upgrade at a LOT of starting positions. All 3 have had tremendous drafts that have had real impact across the whole thing including the use of UDFA's. DEN has had the best success in acquiring VET FA's, followed by INDY, and then SEA trails there.

As someone who follows personnel across the NFL as a hobby, I feel these 3 guys are the right picks for the top 3 positions this season. As for the ESPN rationale on their Bloggers votes, its poor at best and revisionist and uses a ton of hindsight to support a flawed argument.

The best way to judge this to me is how many roster positions did they affect and how many did they upgrade. Then, take into account any superstar moves that panned out or did not pan out. Finally, is the team younger, healthier, and prepared to repeat the success they had this year with their team?

I'll do a roster assesment tomorrow when I have time and come back and show how these teams were built so well this year to win and have a shot at the playoffs.
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