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Honestly, I doubt such a study even exists. There isn't enough data due to the fact that it is so rare for a team to go for 2 before the 4th quarter (unless they're down by like 4 TD). That in itself is proof that kicking the XP is the right call.

You never know what is going to happen later in the game score-wise, whether it be FG's or TD's, and by which team. Take the guaranteed points and go for 2 only when necessary. I guess it's just coincidence that "my opinion" just happens to be shared by virtually every football coach in existence?

No where on that chart does it say "wait for 4th quarter" to start following chart.

In my experiences of watching football, I would guesstimate that teams go for 2 in about 1/2 the pre-4th quarter situations as the Texans faced earlier in the game. Certainly not close to the "rare" instance, or "virtually" every coach as you claim kicks that extra point.
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