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Von Miller

Originally Posted by Vine View Post
Oh I fully understand the mathematical dangers of going for 2. But to say I am wrong is just your opinion. Cite a study or a link that shows going for 1 (or 2) is the correct call.
Honestly, I doubt such a study even exists. There isn't enough data due to the fact that it is so rare for a team to go for 2 before the 4th quarter (unless they're down by like 4 TD). That in itself is proof that kicking the XP is the right call.

You never know what is going to happen later in the game score-wise, whether it be FG's or TD's, and by which team. Take the guaranteed points and go for 2 only when necessary. I guess it's just coincidence that "my opinion" just happens to be shared by virtually every football coach in existence?
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