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MLB is a weakeness but not a huge risk.

The biggest risk in this defense is at DL (I count Von among the DL because of how he's used).

Put it this way, with makeshift MLBs like Mays, Brooking, Wood, even DJ we're still a top 5 defense against the run and pass.

If we have an injury to any of the starters in the DL, we're screwed as Doom/Von are our pass rush and Vickerson/Wolfe/Bannan are the two gappers that slow down the run.

JDR's defense relies on having three DL that can two gap and keep Doom/Von in one on one matchups. DL is the biggest priority this offseason and the good news is that there should be a few very good DL free agents that fit the bill in our defense and the draft is shaping up to be a good one for DTs.

We can have a stud MLB but if we don't have the DTs (like Vickerson/Bannan who are FAs) then that Mike will be drowned out by traffic and OL while Von/Doom get double teamed.

We take care of the DL and we can put out even an average MLB and still have a top 5 defense.
This is exactly what I have been advocating. We strengthen the DL in the draft most notably the interior. This is a good draft to do that. Two rookies at DT will be valuable in our rotation, and it will be good for their growth.

As for MLB, because we run nickel coverage with WW and DT, I don't think a coverage MLB is necessary. I'm not saying another Joe Mays, but a thumper who's strong attacking the football but can make some plays in coverage. I would not be surprised to see a MLB taken in the third round.. Someone like Jackson, Reddick, Bostic, etc..
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