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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
As of right now the jags seem to be only team, reportedly,that has any interest in him. Now it is being reported that GM Gene Smith will be let go at seasons end. So far the coaching staff is staying put. A coaching staff that didn't want tebow last year,and It's looking more & more likely Rex Ryan didn't want tebow either. Any team that signs Tebow will be because the owner wants him,he'll likely never get a coach that will fully dedicate himself to Tebow. The jags will be his last chance in the NFL.
If the owner wants him and the GM is gone there is an even chance the the coaching staff will work with him and give it the old college try if for no other reason than to palacate the NEW owner, keep him in the loop and show the owner he "is or is not" a QB. Just as I believed that Josh would have brought him along slowly I think the new coaching staff will do the same thing..

I also suspect any GM hired by the owner will be someone that keeps pressure on the coaching staff to do right by Tebow

Again if he does not make it as a QB it will not be because he was not given a fair shake at it.

Fatso had Tebow forced on him and the circus that surrounded it. While the new guy in JAX will have the same thing the pressure to win NOW will not be there as the fans will be there one way or the other.

That said malarkey better update his resume. Unless he can figure out an offense to help him transition from option all the time to a more pro style O. It will not be a fast transition. Years of instinct will have to be overcome to make him more comfortable. In the rolling pocket.
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