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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
Still trying to figure out what it is about tebow that people think there needs to be a differant set of rules for him.
Mobility,arm strength, & lack of fear of getting hit!!?? All that means nothing when you can't throw the football.HCs are acting on the fact tebow can't throw the ball,tebow has been through enough training camps. Tebow has reached his ceiling.
Which coaches are your talking about those that did not choose this kid and IMO a just going through the motions and then not going the straight yard.

If someone is motivated about really teaching him the correct throwing motions and staying on him coaching every time it reverts to college motions.

Every coach save Josh has had him foisted on him by owners. Or inherited him John. Therefore no incentive to make him better.

This time around he will be able to go to a team that wants him. To a coach that will actually teach him.

If that does not work then we know for sure
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