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Originally Posted by baja View Post
Fox is a very likable guy and was a perfect selection by Elway after the chaos left behind by McD's abrupt departure. The soothing player's coach Fox has righted the ship and the locker room made whole. When a conversation comes up about brilliant innovative HCs I doubt Fox's name will be mentioned.

It might be time to consider what kind of head coach Denver needs going forward. I am not saying Fox should be fired but I would want Elway to at least weigh the merits of moving McCoy to the top spot. I doubt this scenario would happen but when it comes to making the Broncos better everything must be considered and I'll bet you Elway has at least thought about this.
Fox isn't going anywhere any time soon. Maybe after Manning retires Fox may go but that is a few years away. I love it how many posters here poo-poo the Fox hire when he's proven to be one of the better HCs over the last 10-15 years. He got to the SB with Jake Delhomme as his QB and only lost by a field goal to a team that video taped the Panther's walk thru before the game.

I've supported the Fox hire from day 1, and he's not dissappointed me. I think Elway also know's Fox's value to this franchise and he will not look to replace Fox until the Broncos either have a few bad seasons in a row or Fox retires.
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