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The Colts are locked into the #5 seed and the Bengals are locked into the #6 seed. Nothing that happens today can change that. (Even if the Bengals win and manage to tie the record of the Colts or the Ravens, they still lose tiebreakers for seeding purposes). So this is set in stone.

If the Texans defeat the Colts, they clinch the #1 seed, period.

If the Broncos defeat or tie the Chiefs, they clinch at least the second seed. They would get the first seed with a win or a tie coupled with a Texan loss. They would also get the first seed with a win over the Chiefs, coupled with a Texan tie or loss.

The Ravens are pretty much stuck with the fourth seed. There's only one exception, and that would be if they win while the Pats lose. That would give them both 11-5 records, and since the Ravens won their earlier meeting, the Ravens would win that tiebreaker.

So most of the complications turn on New England.

If the Texans and Broncos both win or tie, then the Pats stay at the 3 seed (unless they lose while the Ravens win, which would drop them to #4)

If the Pats lose or tie, they cannot climb any higher than the #3 seed.

If the Pats win while both the Texans and Broncos lose, then the Pats get the #1 seed, the Texans would be #2 and the Broncos would be #3.

If the Pats win while either the Broncos or Texans lose (but not both) then the Pats get the #2 seed. The losing team in that scenario would get the #3 seed.

Assuming all the favored teams win today (Houston, Denver, NE and Baltimore), then, in the wild card round, Cincy would travel to NE while the Colts travel to Baltimore.
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