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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
I dont know that I'm gonna give the Seattle GM a **** ton of credit for drafting Russell Wilson in the third round. Here's the deal: if they knew Wilson would have this kind of an impact, and were so confident about that, he's a first round pick. This is like when Mike Shanahan got credit for drafting Terrell Davis in the 6th. As Shanny said then, if he were smart, he'd have drafted TD in the first.

But whatever. He did a good job, Elway did a good job, who gives a **** about a poll?
The draft is still about getting value. If you had a time machine and could go back to 1999, you don't ship two first round picks for Kurt Warner even though that would be a fair deal. You send a 7th rounder to the Rams and say "we need depth."

If you know a guy is great but his value is perceived as not so much, then you're wasting resources by taking him in the first round when you know you can get him later. If you had a time machine, you don't tell Shanahan to take Davis in the first round. You wait until the sixth because why on earth would you waste a first round pick on a guy that no other team has any desire taking on the first day?

That said, Elway and Schneider have both done great jobs this year. I think the fact that it's very close seems totally reasonable.

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