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Originally Posted by Jay3 View Post
But that's essentially what has happened with Tebow up until now. There has never been a training camp where "the offense" was one designed for him, and other quarterbacks were asked to run it. ( "Kyle, the next play will be a QB dive!").

He's working on his mechanics, his drops, his timing, his throwing style, his ability to hit timed progressions (based on steps). That's essentially what he's been running in every camp he's been in. And the results have been that he hasn't looked all that good.

But when you consider things like his mobility, his complete lack of fear at being hit, and his arm strength, he has displayed a promising level of NFL talent that translates well into actual clutch gamer-ness.

I just don't go for the "audition theory" of practice -- most quarterbacks get some sort of commitment early on to get some serious reps. Tebow may not have justified that commitment (there has to be something the coach is acting on), but it should be no surprise that he progresses slowly when he's not getting them.
Still trying to figure out what it is about tebow that people think there needs to be a differant set of rules for him.
Mobility,arm strength, & lack of fear of getting hit!!?? All that means nothing when you can't throw the football.HCs are acting on the fact tebow can't throw the ball,tebow has been through enough training camps. Tebow has reached his ceiling.
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