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i was reading on the denver post when i saw this comment this guy has got it exactly right why didnt anyone here think like this

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Re: Article Discussion: Broncos Mailbag: Not too soon to scout B

by pianoman_70 on December 26th, 2012, 4:23 pm #2804652
I keep hearing this: "Tim Tebow is better than Blaine Gabbert/Chad Henne/Mark Sanchez/Jake Locker" et al by those who attempt to support him.

How on earth can one make such an assessment when the aforementioned QB's are asked to run PRO-STYLE offenses while Tebow runs the spread-option How in the world can you make an apples-to-apples comparison between the QB's when this is the case? If Tebow were asked to run the exact same offense Kyle Orton was asked to run last year, would Tebow not have become the turnover-machine Sanchez has become? Heck, if Tebow had begun the season running that high school offense we ran last year, would we have made the playoffs? Would Tebow have even survived the season?

What i'd like to see is Tebow (after being cut by the Jets) walk onto an NFL training camp and compete for a starting QB job while doing the EXACT SAME THINGS the other QB's on the roster are asked to do. Let him run the EXACT SAME OFFENSE the other QB's are asked to run. And if he EARNS the starting nod, so be it. If he truly is better than the Gabberts/Henne's/Sanchez's of the league, then surely he (in what would be his "4th rookie year") would be able to do what the aforementioned do. . .& add his special blend of "intangibles" to put him over the top. Let him PROVE he can read defenses, determine who will be open, & deliver the ball on time & on target just like every other QB in the league is asked to do. He can mix in some spread option, but how about letting him prove that standard QB play has become his bread & butter? Until then, he will remain several notches beneath the aforementioned QB's, & won't get to play much; if at all.

SO TRUE !!!!!
But that's essentially what has happened with Tebow up until now. There has never been a training camp where "the offense" was one designed for him, and other quarterbacks were asked to run it. ( "Kyle, the next play will be a QB dive!").

He's working on his mechanics, his drops, his timing, his throwing style, his ability to hit timed progressions (based on steps). That's essentially what he's been running in every camp he's been in. And the results have been that he hasn't looked all that good.

But when you consider things like his mobility, his complete lack of fear at being hit, and his arm strength, he has displayed a promising level of NFL talent that translates well into actual clutch gamer-ness.

I just don't go for the "audition theory" of practice -- most quarterbacks get some sort of commitment early on to get some serious reps. Tebow may not have justified that commitment (there has to be something the coach is acting on), but it should be no surprise that he progresses slowly when he's not getting them.
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