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C J Anderson

Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
If they both leave then we'll replace them. Just as JDR was a HC that was fired and now doing well as a coordinator, we can do the same again. some of the HC's going to be fired are in that same category. I mean, there is a reason why they become a HC in the 1st place. Usually they were a coordinator somewhere and did very well.

And while alot of praise should go to the coordinators in Denver, don't forget the players on the field are still what's most important. I think earlier this year Von Miller was asked what was different with JDR as the coordinator compared to last year and he said not that much, he just made us believe how special we could be. Don't know if that's an exact quote but I know it's pretty darn close.
Exactly! We got what every franchise wants a great football mind at the top. Elway found these coaches and he will find their replacements if they leave.
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